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Monday, November 28st, 2011

Guest host:  Bobby C.

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Hilary Baum (co-founder, “chefs for the marcellus”)

Fracking (aka, hydraulic fracturing or industrial gas drilling) is a dangerous way of getting oil and gas and a shortsighted energy strategy. It’s poisoning our air and water and on its way to jeopardizing the health of millions more americans.  We can find a better way—one that protects our health and gives us clean, safe energy sources that never run out.

Hilary baum produces educational conferences and special events focusing on critical issues in food and farming. Her organization’s latest project was water fight! Fracking, food, art & economy, a conference presented in may 2011 with parsons the new school in manhattan.  As a pioneer in the regional food movement, hilary sees fracking as a potential threat to the gains that have been made in building rural and urban business and cultural relationships around food and farming.  She is a co-founder of chefs for the marcellus (, a campaign launched in october.  Hilary is president of baum forum/ public market partners, and was the founding coordinating director of food systems network nyc and the public market collaborative. She has been involved in the development of farmers’ and public markets, agricultural marketing programs, and community supported agriculture, and is co-author of public markets and community revitalization.  

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Sheikh Moussa Drammeh: peace december

In 2010, governor david peterson, mayor michael bloomberg and bronx borough president, ruben diaz, jr. Issued a proclamations to have the month of december as peace month in new york city. This historic moment was hosted in the bronx rotunda under the auspices of a diverse cross section of elected officials from across the city, state and federal agencies including the bronx borough president office, bronx district attorney, new york state senator ruth hassle- thompson, dycd, the new york police department,  new york city parks and several other elected officials.

This initiative was born out of the need to lower the bar of skyrocketing crime and violence statistics that happen in new york city every year. With the borough of the bronx leading in the said statistics, the offices of the borough president in the bronx county has been provided his resources including assigning space and staff to engage in this effort to lower the crime rates. With a proclamation from the mayor and series of endorsements from elected officials, government agencies, the clergy and community leaders, the momentum to celebrate december as a peace month keeps galvanizing diversified communities from across new york city to partner in the process.

 Kasha: (r&b/pop singer/songwriter)

Destined for stardom – a phrase we’ve all heard before, but for powerhouse r&b/pop singer/songwriter kasha, it’s her definition. Born with a passion and flair for performing, the lively, lovely young brooklyn, new york native has always possessed the drive, determination and singular focus necessary to succeed in show business.

As many superstars have done before her, kasha began via a time-honored tradition, by singing in the choir at st. Luke’s church when she was only five years old. With her mother’s encouragement and support, she began taking vocal and dance lessons at age six. At age 12, she also began piano lessons. Honing her craft at a young age prepared kasha for the career that she was destined for. Throughout her school years, she participated in glee clubs and performed in numerous shows, all under the watchful, loving eye of her biggest cheerleader, her mom, who herself was a former vocalist and vocal trainer.

Kasha’s first single, “leaving you,” was released in 2004 and received radio airplay on new york’s kiss-fm. That station showcased her at their major toy drive for underprivileged kids, hosted by air personalities lenny green and shaila. The inspiration for “leaving you” is a personal one for kasha. She wrote it for her sister, who was in an abusive relationship at the time, and this was kasha’s way of being strong for her sister, the way that her sister had been strong after their mother’s passing. Kasha’s music is meant to be empowering, especially to women who are going through hard times and need someone who understands their plight. Kasha has dealt with her share of hardships and is using her music to let everyone know, “i’ve been there and i understand, and it will be ok.” Her always positive attitude, determination and perseverance serve her well and will be the keys to her continued success.

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